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Hi Friends,  A Lil Run Down About Me…larry-flo

My name is Flora (“Flo”)…I am an Entrepreneur owning my own business, all thanks to God and the Awesome training and support of (Kyle & Carson) and the supportive community of Wealthy Affiliates. My purpose of this website is to tell you of the great opportunities that Wealthy Affiliates has to offer and how it changed my life and how it can also change yours.

About Flo…

I am a mother of four, three girls and last but not least my son. I am happily married 13 years to my wonderful husband and best friend. Who strongly believes in my dreams and desires and supports me fully as he knows it’s never by accident that when I’m led to do something it’s always for a good purpose. Well I’m 36 yrs old and I’ve always done House Cleaning and taking care of the Elderly since about the age of 14 years. As I know what hard work is about. I always had to work for what I wanted, things was never handed to us growing up but we grew up on the very low income side of life so we knew what is was to lack. But my Dad worked hard to provide for us 5 kids and it seemed as though those times never changed as I grew up. No matter how hard you worked it still was barely enough to get by. But God always provided and still does to the day and that will never change. Then one day I made a big discovery that changed my life!

My Discovery…

Just as many of you I found myself for many years searching the internet for a real online job. I became disabled from a serious car accident back in 2000 at the age of 18 years old. I was also wanting to be a stay at home mom and christian home school my children, but still make above and beyond ends meet.I want to give my children the life I never had. But as you know almost 99% of those sites are Scams or the ones that isn’t had some kind of Get Rich Overnight Shenanigans and hits a dead end and you invest more than what your making.


Til one day I ran across a website by doing a research on another site, searching out the default scams of the website that tried to get me to sign up with them, I knew it was very bogus. That’s when I read about Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn’t resist not to check them out. So I click on the link and that’s when it all came clear to me that there is a real site out there of IM (Internet Marketing) that is The Real Deal, “Wealthy Affiliate”. Along with many other Entrepreneurs like myself. You can own your own business. Even if you never done Internet Marketing, the many options of  Top Rated Training will take you right to the top. There is a lot of good things happening here at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you take that first step to your new beginning you’ll never look back. So I hope you’ll join my network along with the rest of the community.

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Flora Ledet – Founder of Fix Your Situation

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    • Thanks Wenda..Glad you stopped by and enjoyed my site..Stop by anything your always welcome. I add fresh new content frequently as I can to keep you posted on the many ways of making money to rise you to the top and give you the low down on where your scams are and where is the “GOODS” 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by…See you inside!

      • Hi Corey
        I needed to apologize for a mistaken in names on your reply comment. If you noticed I did reply back but also put another viewers name. I somehow gotten the names mixed up when I started typing. Please except my apologies and the inconvience…Thanks Fledet 🙂

    • Hi Corey, Thanks for viewing my site. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to be very successful. Use it to your advantage and get the most out of it as possible. Every day is a new day with fresh training to soak up. Good luck to you. Thanks Again

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